Moving House Checklist

Moving home?

Here’s your moving house checklist to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to those niggly but necessary admin tasks.

Who do I need to inform when moving house?

You hand your address details out a lot over the years, so here’s a full list of all the companies and organisations you should think about informing when you move house.

Inform the following:

  • The DVLA (not before if you’re hiring a van to move)
  • TV Licencing company
  • Local Council
  • Electoral Register
  • Department of Work and Pensions and HMRC if your business is registered at your address
  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Investment and pension companies
  • Car, home, mobile, pet, life, and health insurance companies
  • Water, gas, and electricity suppliers
  • Phone, broadband, and mobile phone providers
  • Doctors, Opticians, Dentists, and any other healthcare provider
  • Your employer, children’s schools, or other educational institutions
  • Subscription services, clubs, and any charities you support

What do I need to do a month before I move house?

The most important thing to do a month before you move is, to inform the relevant companies and organisations about your move (see list above).

You should also:

  • Get quotes from utility companies in your new area
  • Hire a skip or do a big clear out of all the clutter you don’t need
  • Get quotes from removal companies
  • Sign up for the Post Office’s mail forwarding service
  • Give notice on your job if you’re moving companies
  • Give notice to schools and register with a local school in your new area
  • Top up on any prescriptions so you have leeway to sign up for a new doctor
  • Book a deep clean in if you’re in rented accommodation

removal company

Find a removal company – but which removal company is best?
Do your research to find out which removal company is best – Checkatrade is a good place to start, as it lists reputable removal companies in your area. Also, make sure you get quotes from several removal companies so you know that you’re getting a removal company for the best price.


Prepare your home for the new owner.
While ultimately, it’s down to the new owner to come in and spruce the place up, it’s always good to leave your home as you would like to find it.
Aside from that, make sure the new owner has all the keys, including windows keys, the patio door key, and the garage door key. Label them to make it easier for them to identify.
Leave them the paperwork for things like the boiler, hot water tank, and any white goods that you’re not taking with you.
Make sure your house is left as stated in the purchase agreement – if you have damaged anything, make sure it’s dealt with before the exchange date.


What should I do if I want to redirect mail?
The Post Office offers a redirect service that’s easy to sign up to. You’ll just need the names and dates of birth of everyone in your household who needs their mail redirected and the addresses and postcodes of your new and old houses. It costs £33.99 for three months, and £8 for three months for every additional person.

The Moving House Experts!

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